Am I going insane or is this really happening?

Emotional abuse usually takes place in private, meaning there are no witnesses validating your experience. After months or years of being emotionally abused, you begin to distrust your perceptions and even your sanity. Since you have invested your time and your heart in the relationship and your world revolves around him / her, you endContinue reading “Am I going insane or is this really happening?”

How to disarm a Narcissist

When dating a narcissist, or worse…being married to a narcissist, the scariest thing is thinking about how to end the relationship safely. Since narcissism is a mental health disorder, you never know how the person is going to react and therefore, need to be aware that things could get physically dangerous. Here are five stepsContinue reading “How to disarm a Narcissist”

Think you can spot a narcissist?

Spotting a narcissist is difficult unless you’re a qualified mental health expert, and even then it can be difficult to diagnose. When you’re romantically involved with one, it’s even harder to spot a narcissist because you’re not thinking, “Are they a narcissist?” You’re wondering if how you’re being treated is healthy and sustainable in theContinue reading “Think you can spot a narcissist?”

Narcissism…the original con artist

Fewer than 200K US narcissistic cases are diagnosed per year making narcissism a rare disease. Narcissistic personality disorder is found more commonly in men with symptoms that include an excessive need for admiration, disregard for others’ feelings, an inability to handle any criticism, and a sense of entitlement. The cause is unknown but likely involvesContinue reading “Narcissism…the original con artist”

Anxiety – Memory Loss… is there a link?

Have you ever had that feeling where you’re in a fog and you’re unable to recall anything from your past, even if it was from last week or even the other day? Ever had the inability to think clearly? Welcome to life with extreme anxiety. A chemical imbalance of any kind throws everything off. ThisContinue reading “Anxiety – Memory Loss… is there a link?”

Financial Abuse… that’s a thing?

When someone hears the words “domestic abuse” they associate it with physical abuse or verbal abuse. The truth is, financial abuse occurs just as frequently and is often the first sign of dating violence and domestic abuse. A study by the Centers for Financial Security found that 99% of domestic violence cases also involved financial abuse. The abuserContinue reading “Financial Abuse… that’s a thing?”

Control, Verbal Abuse and Violence

There is a stigma with domestic violence that has been around since before any of us were put on Earth. It is an enormous problem made difficult to see because those of us who are victims hide it, and also because it is hard to understand why those claiming to be close to us, endContinue reading “Control, Verbal Abuse and Violence”