You’re trying your hardest, but it doesn’t seem to be working

Ever since your ex said “we need to talk,” you have been trying to process, grasp and grieve. No matter what you try, you seem to end up back at the beginning. Taking one step forward only to put you two steps back when making progress.

You’re trying your hardest, all the time, to push through

  • the pain
  • the exhaustion and fatigue
  • the fog and dyscognition
  • the insomnia
  • the fear
  • the guilt
  • the judgement
  • the relentlessness of it all

but the darkness overshadows the light at the end of the tunnel.

More often than not, especially within the last month, you find yourself wanting to stay in bed or lie on the couch vs going outside. You have zero motivation to start your day early and go to the gym or even shower at a proper time. Your days sometimes don’t even start until after noon and often times end at nine or ten in the evening, maybe even earlier. Since you have nowhere to go and no one to see, what’s the point.

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